War Wolf Tactical Training ‘WWTT’ is led by Ralph Severe, a senior martial arts instructor, expert in Filipino and Japanese weaponry, former no holds barred fighter, veteran of hundreds of hostile street encounters and a specialist in tactical firearm strategies, tactics and skills.

For over 35 years, Ralph has devoted himself to researching and developing natural stimulus responses to violent enabling factors.

The training offered is appropriate for military, law enforcement, security professionals, as well as homeowners, moms and dads, and anyone concerned about their ability to thrive in a hostile escalating violent society.

WWTT is a non sport, to the point, no BS approach for teens and adults.

WWTT can show you:

  • Psychology of aggression and mental shock
  • Unarmed survival skills, disarms and mutable attacker defense
  • Weaponry skills, specializing in knife and stick
  • Emergency First Aid and Safety Skills
  • Urban and Woodland Survival skills
  • Crisis preparation for home, on the road and office
  • Health, Fitness and Nutrition
  • Tactical Team Work and Movement
  • Methodology and Leadership Skills
  • Surviving violent encounters
  • Firearm Skills, Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol

For more information, please contact or visit us soon.